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Charging in New York City

Find charging station locations for electric vehicles in New York City. Selecting an individual station displays the location and contact information, including hours of accessibility to each charging port. Never feel empty again. We got your back.


Find out where you can charge your electric car in New York State is designed to help New Yorkers without access to a home charger to find electric vehicle charging stations throughout the state. Our map displays public charging stations, or electric vehicle supply equipment, installed throughout New York State. Selecting an individual station displays the name of the charging host, address, and contact information. Most of the stations also include charging rate information, number of charging ports, and hours of accessibility. is a valuable resource for New Yorkers looking to charge their electric vehicles.


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With the help of our reviews, you will be able to make a decision about which charging station is right for your lifestyle and needs. Find out how much each station costs, how long it takes to charge your car, the distance that you can travel on a fully-charged battery, what features it has that you might need like WiFi or a touchscreen display, and more.


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