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Electric Vehicle Charge Points in London

Discover a range of different charge points installed in London. You can find them on the charging map below:

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Charging stations for electric vehicles are being installed across London as the city works towards its goal of transitioning to zero emission vehicles. The charging stations provide a reliable network for electric vehicles, which is crucial for London as it prepares to phase out petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030. More than 8,600 public charging points have been installed across the city as a result of the partnership working to support charge point delivery. This work is contributing to the achievement of net zero emission targets, improving air quality, and reducing running costs for businesses and private vehicles. The electric revolution is well underway in London, thanks to the efforts of the London Councils and its partners.


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Click on the city below for current and planned stations in an other city. Finding certain parking spots near businesses that have complimentary valet services–like most restaurants do anyways in your favorite city? Go for it..


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